All Those Pretty Lights EP

by Andrew Belle

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Featuring Tracks heard on the CW's '90210' and MTV's 'The Real World'!!


released September 1, 2008

All Songs Written By Andrew Belle



all rights reserved


Andrew Belle Chicago, Illinois

Andrew Belle is a Chicago-based singer-songwriter. He released his debut album, The Ladder, in 2010 and Black Bear, in 2013. Andrew was presented a John Lennon Songwriting award in 2009 and is currently part of the acclaimed US touring group Ten Out Of Tenn. Both The Ladder and Black Bear were selected as iTunes Top 10 Singer/Songwriter Albums of the Year, 2010 and 2013. ... more


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Track Name: I'll Be Your Breeze
he walks in the bedroom
and picks up the phone
he's singing to the beat of
the dialtone
if he could he would shrink down
to fit through these holes
rubber and plastic
that'd be fantastic
he'd crawl through these
to castles or farms
or just across the stateline
and into your
we'd learn to distinguish truth
from false alarms
and fade into
like we were the months of the year

and we'll fall asleep
night so easily
like some kind of brand new disease
hey we got it but c'est
la vie
don't you wonder how villains sleep
every night so easily
if they can
do it baby so can we
just remember i'll be your breeze

oh well i feel like
i finally feel like myself
honey don't you feel like yourself
like yourself
cause i learned we all play
our part in this thing
we've all
got a song we were
put here to sing
it's less of a circle and more of a
that keeps up together
like we were prize fighters

i'll be like that
heart that you cut out
and pinned on your sleeve
i thought i told you
that i
needed you
just to keep breathing
Track Name: All Those Pretty Lights
the wind blows through your hair
as you're walking people stare
up the block
and down the street
to north kings highway
and there's a beating in my
and it's seeming to suggest
that before this day is through
it might
go my way
so i sit back in my seat
i scribble down something that's
about a boy, a girl
and endless stretch of scenery
cause it's like
falling to your knees
before a stranger on the street
i did it just the other
you should have seen me

oh and i wanna remember this night
and how my
words never
came out right
it's just my patience that keeps
me alive
like all those pretty lights
just like all those pretty lights
in the

there's something to be said
about the colors in your head
and how
they mix to form
the perfect shade of sadness
not because of things i've
or any of the songs i've sung
it's just the story of our lives
we wish
we had this

and i remember we stayed up
way past you're bedtime
up on the
2nd floor
down by my sliding door
just innocent kids
in a victimless
trapped in a metaphor
hoping for something more
Track Name: In Your Sleep
so much for medicines
and healthy patients
we've got a little bit of a
situation now
i ride this gurnee
towards my confession
it's just another day
my sick profession
i talk through my melodies
but i never listen
rather spend all my time
talking to you, talking to you

oh i just wanna
that were were made for something
more than just what we can
this sickness keeps you coming back
if you could see what i've seen
you'd believe in something
ghosts are never
more than they seem
but they
keep coming in your sleep
they haunt you in your sleep

some call them
some call them lovers
i keep a map of my heart
under my covers
marked the spot
where we buried our hearts
in the earth
we've all got stars
in our eyes
see how they burn
see how they burn
Track Name: Signs of Life
Show me where your car is parked
and I'll drive it for you
I am made of light
and dark
but i shine before you
all this water you've charted on this blue
I can't stop what you've started

and when i say oh, don't you want
don't you need me?
cause I, I feel let down
the same red ruby, blood
flows through me
but I, don't feel it now

show me where you lost your heart
and i'll find it for you
but all these strings on my guitar
won't solve this
for you
all this ice that you've broken
won't hold you up from
all these
lies that you've spoken

cause all these doctors say that
this is an
i'd give my eyesight for
a little bit of urgency
or just some
signs of life
consider this a courtesy
from me to you
cause i don't know how
much longer i can drive you home

it's just a little closer to your
but i still remember all the things you gave me

cause all these
doctors say
that this is an emergency
i'd give my eyesight for
a little bit
of urgency
or just some signs of life from you
Track Name: Replace Me
i'm fighting sleep right now
don't matter why or how
i walked, through the
of your heart
straight through the middle of
your deepest darkest
i wrote the melody
that brought you back to life love
come hear it for
oh my love, come hear it for yourself
oh my love

who says we're
wrong for
opening the wrong doors
lock up swallow the key
you'll never
replace me
cause we've all fallen for
someone we're wrong for
lock up
swallow the key
you'll never replace me

i played it safe and still
changed your shape until
your weakling anti-bodies
could stand up for
outside your window sill
i fell like jack for jill
and you came
tumbling after
so stand up for yourself
oh my love
stand up for myself
my love, lest you forget
i'll write this down

you're blaming all this on
but the photograph that's on
your shelf
is of a younger, dumber,
of myself
but anyway

cause back then i told you
if you fall i'll
fall too
lock up swallow the key
you'll never replace me